Condenser Reconditioning Service


Condenser reconditioning.

Many people are finding the quality of some of the new metal cased condensers being manufactured is poor, and often fail after little use or sometimes just don’t work at all.  We have sourced a modern quality replacement capacitor manufactured in Japan, we remove the old capacitor from your case then test the case to make sure it is electrically sound, the new capacitor is fitted inside your case and then tested again.  We then fill the case with resin, when cured, it is then tested again.

The benefit of this is that the condensers look original in your magneto, the original fitting and connections remain. Turnaround time is usually a couple of days. 

We have some in stock for an exchange service these include Lucas RF4 (Fordson tractor)  Lucas RS1 (Lister A, D etc.)    Wico A Plastic and metal cased and other types of condenser are catered for too.