BTH CE Magneto Rotors and Shrouds

 BTH CE rotors and shrouds are now back in stock.



BTH CE4 and CE6 Full speed gears

BTH CE4 and CE6 gears are now in stock.  The gears differ from the originals in that they are made from one piece of tufnol rather than having a bush in the centre.  Also there is no keyway so you need to file your own.  We have tested these gears and they work perfectly well and are much cheaper to produce so we can pass the saving on to the customer.


BTH GA4 Brass distributor nuts.

We have just made a batch of BTH GA4 distributor cap nuts £5 each they are un plated brass finish

BTH CE4 and CE6 Full speed Tufnol gears

We are in the process of making a batch of Full speed gears (straight cut)  They should be available by the end of November.


Watford CB covers

We have now made a batch of Watford CB covers as fitted to Rolls Royce and Vauxhall cars and other vehicles fitted with Watford magnetos.  They are available at £55 each.


BLIC Tufnol full speed gears for Austin 7's etc.

We have just manufactured a batch of Tufnol full speed gears for BLIC magnetos as fitted to Austin 7's etc. 


Remmy rotor arms for Hispano Suiza Cars.

We are about to start making the tooling and moulds to produce a batch of rotor arms for Remmy distributors fitted to Hispano suiza cars from the 1920's.  These should be ready by the end of June 2015. These may well fit other makes of cars fitted with this distributor.   Call for more information.


Gear cutting

We have invested in some new gear cutting equipment and are now able to manufacture straight cut spur gears for magnetos in Brass, Aluminum, Tufnol, and Acetal co polymer as well as some steels.  Please call or email for details.


BTH GA4 etc. Full speed gears.

We have just invested in some new gear cutting equipment.  We now have in stock full speed gears for BTH GA4 etc. Magnetos.  We have made these in both original Tufnol and Acetal co polymer (Delrin)


BTH JD6  Contact Sets.

We have been getting a number of requests for BTH JD6 Contact breaker sets.  We looked into making a batch but the cost of the tooling for the moving arm part was prohibitive.  We already make the fixed contact that is not a problem.  We have looked at the moving arm and have worked out a way to replace the tungsten contact and silver solder a new contact in its place.  We now offer this service for £25-00 exchange.  What you get is a new fixed contact and your moving arm reconditioned, turnaround should be a couple of days.  Have your condenser reconditioned at the same time for £15.00


BTH CE6 / 4 Contact Sets

We are now producing BTH CE6 / 4 Contact sets with tungsten tips £25 a set.

Bosch FU4B Distributor Caps.

We have made a batch of FU / FF 4 Distributor caps and they are now in stock.


Lucas Advance and Retard Plungers

We have just made a batch of Lucas advance and retard plungers £5 each.


Condenser reconditioning.

Many people are finding the quality of some of the new metal cased condensers being manufactured is poor and often fail after little use or sometimes just don’t work at all.  We have sourced a modern quality replacement capacitor manufactured in Japan, we remove the old capacitor from your case then test the case to make sure it is electrically sound, the new capacitor is fitted inside your case and then tested again.  We then fill the case with resin which is oven cured, it is then tested again.

The benefit of this is that the condensers look original in your magneto, the original fitting and connections remain.  The cost of this service starts at £15-00 some may be a little more depending on the work involved in opening up the old condensers. Turnaround time is usually a couple of days

We have some in stock for an exchange service these include Lucas RF4 (Fordson tractor)  Lucas RS1 (Lister A, D etc.)    Wico A Plastic and metal cased.

Fordson Tractor Lucas RF4 Magnetos.

We have just made a batch of Lucas RF4 caps and are now in stock.

We are also about to start production of CB points for these, which will be the last consumable part of this magneto for us  to make as we already have in stock Full (rotors) and half speed gears, condensers, rewound coils, bearings and insulators.

We can also supply this magneto fully reconditioned on an exchange basis, email for a quote.

Bespoke Mouldings

We are able to produce moulds from original components and then reproduce the parts in our modern material.  This is not limited to ignition components , we could for instance make horn buttons or window winders.  It is not a cheap process but small production runs never are.  Email for a quote.

CNC Machining.

All of the machined brass and Plastic parts in our products are now CNC machined to insure the quality and fit of our products remains high.  If you have a requirement for small or large batches of CNC machined products we may be able to help.

ML CG4 Distributor caps

ML CG4 distributor caps are now back in stock along with rotors.

ML Screw in pickups

We have just made a batch of screw in pickups for square round and  ML magnetos as fitted to Sunbeam motorcycles some Lister engines and some ML CG4 magnetos.

Lucas SR Caps

We have made a batch of Lucas SR caps and now have 1, 2, and 4 Cyl caps in stock